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Core A: Administrative Core (Director: Steven D. Douglas)

A strong Administrative Core is essential to the efficient functioning of a Program Project of this scope and complexity. The program will involve investigators from five institutions; Core A will serve all projects and cores in the IPCP and will be responsible for oversight of the scientific, administrative, regulatory and operational aspects of the program's activities.

The overall goal of the Administrative Core is to enable the IPCP to fulfill its scientific mission, as defined in the introduction and overview at the beginning of this proposal, as a specified in the Specific Aims of the four projects. The Principal Investigator, Dr. Steven D. Douglas, will direct this core and will provide leadership, direction, and organization to the overall program project effort and assist each of the Project Leaders and Core Directors in the successful execution of their planned experiments or support services.

The objectives of the Administrative Core are to 1) Support smooth and efficient day-to-day operations of the IPCP; 2) Coordinate and integrate the component parts of the research program; 3) Promote a high degree of collaboration and synergistic interaction among the investigators and core directors; 4) Facilitate full participation of this IPCP within NIH IPCP Program; 5) Insure efficient and appropriate use of core services by the individual projects; 6) Provide investigators and core directors with timely and accurate information regarding core and project expenditures and resources; 7) Insure that the program's research plan is conducted in compliance with all applicable regulatory guidelines and NIH policies and procedures; 8) Organize and implement regular internal and external oversight of the IPCP's activities; and, 9) Support the program in fulfilling its obligations related to information dissemination, scientific publication and data sharing. This core will be utilized equally by all of the projects and the other cores.