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This Integrated Preclinical/Clinical Program (IPCP) supports preclinical discovery of new therapeutics, collaborative Groups seeking to transition from preclinical to clinical studies, and applications for the Strategic Program for Innovative Research on AIDS Treatment (SPIRAT). By combining these into one program, the IPCP will provide a continuous spectrum of research opportunities for the discovery and development of new therapies for HIV infection.

IPCPs require multi-disciplinary preclinical and clinical research Groups, each consisting of a minimum of three interrelated projects, in which the participation of the private sector is strongly encouraged. Applicants must involve creative and original therapeutic research that emphasizes diverse facets of HIV infection.

IPCP Organization

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Neurokinin1-R antagonists for HIV therapy

The goal of this Integrated Preclinical/Clinical Program (IPCP) is to identify an NK-1R antagonist that is: a) active as an anti-HIV agent through interaction with chemokine/cytokine receptors (Project 1); b) specific for chemokine and G-protein coupled receptors (Project 2); c) safe for use in SIV-infected non-human primates and provides proof of concept related to antiviral, immunomodulatory, and neurobehavioral effects (Project 3); and, d) safe in humans and has positive immunomodulatory effects (Project 4). All projects contribute to understanding the basic virologic, molecular and cellular immunologic mechanisms of SP, NK-1R antagonists, and HIV/SIV infection.